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Earth Bound Love Poem
NC (May 1,1988- / Flint, Michigan, USA)

Earth Bound Love Poem

Poem By Nic Custer

Cumulo nimbus bangs
and storm clouds curling
long and dark.

That try to hide the sun bursts of your smile,
blinding with enamal rays
and beaming warm light towards
my black holed surface.
With a pull rivialing gravitational,
I take in your beauty,
feeding off your life bringing love.

And all of this is circling past
as we create our own days
live in our own times,
and spin round and round
in an orbital dance.

That is, until star-struck
the center of my universe
turns and is eclipsed from view.
You ring my heart like Saturn until
I'm as lonely as Pluto. My passionate core
ice aging with each second.

And the hurt billows up with the rage and the sadness
until my fingers bleed volcanic ink ashes, twisted jungle phonemes
and calligraphy as winding as the Nile,
as sacred as the Ganges. The lines grow,
moving continents to make room,
building mountains with single words; until I become
the Earth-bound love poems
that are written upon my flesh.

They grow deft to your fiery ears
until my fury burns away the dinosaurs,
until my tears become the deluge,
until smoke stacks, skyscrapers and acid rain are the closest
thing to suicide I can manage.

They grow.
For oh so long and all I want is to be seen.
They grow...

Until the day you turn with hurracane grasp
to brush away your clouds of hair and my clouded judgement.
Your radiating lips blow a green housing kiss,
and my surface boils
as my heart melts.

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