Earth, Heaven Or In Hell.

As the first ray of the sun, makes its presence felt through the dark skies,
my heart just looks for one phrase, to describe the beauty i see in my eyes,
even every word in dictionary, would not justify the beauty bestowed on her,
she is the beauty personified which leaves an everlasting mark every where.

The world seems to sway to the mystical steps she takes to grace the earth,
the dimple that flashes with her smile, simply takes away everyone's breath,
even the ever moving time, freezes to see the beauty thats there on display,
as she dances through the crowd, people just look at her with utter dismay.

Even the diamonds would fade in comparison, for her beauty can never be priced,
her one enchanting touch could heal millions of heart which has been sliced,
the ever so painful tears dropping from eyes, for once seem to cry in pleasure,
even the pirates of the sea acknowledge, she is the worlds greatest treasure.

Her beauty is like the innocence of a child, uncomplicated yet very graceful,
even the heavens seem to reside in her shadows, for they find them so peaceful.
The rainbows try to paint across in the seemingly endless horizon of the sky,
a picture so perfect, which leaves everyone spellbound with a blink of an eye.

People have been behind love for ages, so that it finds a place in their heart,
but her beauty is such that even the love does not want to stay from her apart,
Millions of heart have become slave to love, but i guess now it's loves turn,
how painful a broken heart could be, its high time love to realize and learn.

She is like a star, whose beauty has been hard to capture in words for ages,
One's who tired, just failed as words kept on rolling into millions of pages,
if only in this world, the beauty could be seen or told, the way i see or tell,
all would realize she is the most beautiful one on 'Earth, Heaven or in Hell'.

by Kumar Kumar

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