Earth Lies Bleeding.

Poem By Glenn Ford

Abhorrent corruption, inherent unstoppable nature
Massive greedy unwavering thirst for more
Malevolent and un-empathetic human structure
Unthinking and unfeeling like a cheap and empty whore.

Raping and plundering the earth for status and power
Killing and maiming anything in its way
Hiding in an un-impenetrable diamond studded tower
Not considering tomorrow, consuming only for today.

Our natural precious resources taken and sold
No quarter given, no remorse and no shame
Nameless faceless magnates, towering, callous and cold
Hiding behind corporate logos, no repercussions, no blame.

Comments about Earth Lies Bleeding.

wow i completely agree with brenda this is possibly one of the best poems i've seen on this site! and ur one of the VERY VERY few poets i know who actually use a rhyming scheme in their stanzas. thanks for sharing i feel the same way!
Earth is a shame. I love your use of vocabulary, it paints a good picture.

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