Earth's Disasters

The ocean's beautiful waves we love to see
Roll unto beach and flow back to sea
When angry, the waves can be very high
Over the wharfs, trees and buildings to destroy
To stop them--no way The rivers, nice place to fish and go boating
On their banks to camp, picnicking and relaxing
Heavy rains, fast-melting snow give a bad flood
Homes, trees, bridges can be toppled and destroyed
To stop them--no way Hurricanes, also known as cyclones, a smasher
With wind velocities exceeding 73 miles per hour
Accompanied by thunders, heavy rains, lightings
Do damage a wide area of trees and buildings
To stop them--no way Tornadoes, violent destructive whirling winds
Accompanied by dark funnel-shaped clouds
That whirl and may extend up to 50 miles
And destroy most things that are in their paths
To stop them--no way Earthquakes, pressure waves in the earth's crust
That are caused by a deep-seated interrupt
They can kill humans and topple the buildings
They are as bad as the earth's other disasters
To stop them--no way Volcanoes that come alive, spew red-hot ashes
Causing fires on the grass, the trees and houses
The erupt to release smolder lava down the sides
And destroy anything that are in their paths
To stop them--no way Droughts, a long spell of very dry weather
Vegetation unable to grow for lack of water
Droughts prevent wells, lakes and rivers from flowing
Humans and animals move away or die -- starving
To stop them--no way Pollutions, manmade waste that damage air and earth
Too many planes, autos, factories pollute air we breath
Harmful are the atoms, oils, chemicals, gas that leak
They can poison plants and the water we drink
To stop them -- a hard way

by Marshall N. Butler

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