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Earth's Renovation
KW (December 5th,1981 / Pasadena)

Earth's Renovation

Poem By Kovan White

The world's a beautiful place if you close your eyes
People walk around in a trance like their hypnotized

Try not to make the wrong or you'll end up in jail
But don't it feel like living in society
Is on the lines of experiencing hell

Nothings on our side even the atmosphere has turned it's back
There's positively no where to hide from mother nature's attack

Ok don't get discouraged because I'm speaking the facts
If you still don't believe me just take a look at a map

One day real soon it will be paradise on earth
You'll see lions playing with sheep long pass their birth

So try and live life righteously and I hope to see you there
It will be something out of a dream so far from a nightmare

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