Earth's Rewards And Reunions

It's a big rally to boost Kerry in his candidacy
While Clinton is re-elected for president of the U.S.A.
The crowd made history in Springfield's court Square!
What a sight, it was so rare
They mean business for an economy to bring people wealth
At the scene, in Forest Park, they call "Bright Nights"
A path from beginning to end will shine with illuminance light
For the holidays are cherished and oh so dear
Men debate and women celebrate
I can only think of Santa Claus and ice skates
I guess this world is left up to theory
A person's mind is made from memory
If I could live again I'd be a man
Because I search to understand what I can
It's important that we pray
God needs us to support him in everyway
I'm a parent now and I look for the hand of God
Stanley's sons came from the act of creation, remember Eden?

by Kim Elizabeth Obara

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