Earth Wind And Fire

I was born and raised
In this god-forsaken town
But it is something to be proud of

Being a Roy
Means that I came out of
The womb with

The stresses of being
Perfect, the struggles of
Life and death, the knowledge of
Passion and forced appearance and
Above all aspirations for happiness

Composed of three girls
Each three years apart with
Three different ways of life
As different as love and hate

In the wrong crowd at a young age
Living a natural life
She refused to conform to her parent’s ways
Bad actions with good intentions
Eternally she would go to her baby sister
Seeking advice that her herself
Could not comprehend
She will never exceed the mindset of a fourteen year old
Always Free

The middle ground
The favorite
She found a savior
Something to believe in

She fell desperately into the misguided
Pathways her parents had
Engraved into her mind
All she understands is naïve happiness
She would never whiteness sadness

Pressured to be perfect
And runs from it all

She strives for attention and
The love of her parents
Instead she finds an incentive
And falls hopelessly out of control
When a car smashes all of her dreams
All of her plans

Tally marks are an illusion
Of what she feels as she vows
To never be her parents

Three girls all three years apart
All grew up in the same environment
The same house
The same parents
As similar as love and hate

A Roy is a hard place to be
But it is me

Being born in this lovely town
Is a miserable thing

by Victoria Roy

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A wonderful poem! ! ! ! Good write! ! !