(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)


In it to be of it to covet.
And to possess with obsession,
To live just to impress.

Born to take for granted,
A feasting to feed selfishly...
Is an expectation.
A duty of an oath,
Sworn to provoke...
Others believed to be less worthy.

Deceived by teachings taught,
Greeding to feed selfishly...
Represents success.
And happiness to get.

And in it to be of it,
To covet...
Beliefs to leave,
Souls feeling empty.
And left to seek,
Purpose, meaning.
And a connection to spirituality.

To be in it.
But not of it.
Many are awakening,
To find their purpose found...
Feeding to feast on prayer,
To speak to 'Deities' spirituality.
And meditating quietly,
With a listening to hear...
What it is wished,
We who are here earthbound...
Should not ignore to do.
To prove our ignorance.

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