Earthen Pot

They say,
I am fine.
But I am trying to join
together my broken parts
since long.
Yet unable to do so
rather it impossible
which they can't see.
They argued,
I was not broken
yet beaten.

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I was not broken yet beaten. if only i was broken, i could bring the pieces together........ i was beaten. is it more painful to be beaten than to be broken. thank u for this thought provoking poem. tony
Superb poem, it says a lot about ignorance, the absence of knowledge is ignorance like absence of light is darkness, yet people do not realise what they are up to. A thoughtful poem with apt tile Earthen Pot 10++++
The poem is a protest against a native proverb-Whether thoubandong earthen pot is beaten to break meaning whether parents and elders beat a child to harm (or to die) .The poem might relate to the poet's childhood life.
I am fine! ! ! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.