( / Frackville, Pennsylvania)


Deep, elongated fissures are seen
etched on the once flourished land.
The wrath of Nature is the culprit,
sketching the scene with a magical hand.

Eerie screaming and agonizing voices,
casualties soaring and death of kin,
collapsing buildings and rumbling land,
created by the forces bursting within.

Lingering in the wave of the stench
are vast traces of a morbid scent.
Still high above, remain an azure sky,
reminding us of Nature's fickle covenant.

The threat of earthquakes will always remain
regardless of the preventive efforts of man
for that which earth's internal forces created,
Still revolves around Nature's master plan.

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Fantastic genesis of and narration of an earth quake has been beautifully crafted in this meaningful poem. Thanks for sharing.10 points.