Earthworm Descent

Poem By jim foulk

Love watching earthworms
at night, with a flash light
shining on them as
they make their descent
into the ground.

So slimy are they
but so fun to try
and catch them
before they make
their descent
into the ground.

As a child used
to go into backyard
in search of the
earthworm watching
as it burrows into
the soil,
tying so hard to
crab them as they
slip through my fingers
and make their
descent into the ground.

Would just try to
catch them for
fun, not fishing
putting them in
a jar and watching
them as they
would burrow into
the soil.

Later would let
them go without
harm and watching
as they made
their descent
into the ground.

Comments about Earthworm Descent

The childhood fascination with the natural world is delightfully expressed in this interesting piece about earthworms. I have a great fondness for worms, being a keen gardener. The more the worms you find, the healthier the soil and the happier the plants. Great poem. love, Allie xxxx

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