Easier Than I Had Imagined

Making to create one's own opportunities,
Is a much greater task to face...
Than those following along on a path,
Behind others to less appreciate...
What it took to take,
To stay awake and identify poisonous snakes...
On an unpaved path that hid,
All things that could be evil.

And then for them to say who follow,
What they did to do...
Was not so difficult to achieve.
Not as difficult as they were made to believe.

'Tell us...
What was the most challenging obstacle,
You have ever had to confront? '

I am finally glad 'someone' asked.
Let's see...
I did stumble once on the pavement.
Luckily no one noticed.
That would have been most embarrassing.
Oh yes...
The planted flowers and shrubbery,
Looked as if they had not been cleared of weeds...
For months.
Empty cups and discarded bags of eatened chips? ~

'Anything else? '

There is a broken vending machine in need of servicing.
But other than that...
I found my journey much easier than I had imagined.~

'Think of those who pioneered those paths.'

~I think not.
The sweating and the clearing of debris?
The doing of that for days, months, years.
And not taking a shower or getting a massage?
No. YOU think of that.
I'm not having it.
I have a degree in Mathematics.~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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