Easier To Be Revealed

When I began to affirm happiness in my life
Every obstacle possible seemed to appear
As if long lost friends I had not seen in years
With a making of their special visits
At odd hours days or nights for purposes
To joke in laughter with a demeaning of my character
Like children trying to keep my vision off the ball

Everything began to show on my path
To distract with determination
To prevent my journey to be freed
Of unnecessary nonsense
And player haters planting their misdeeds
I am glad I was able to identify their works
Early in my life

But I had already made my mind up
To recognize my wants from my needs
And I knew I did not need to repeat miseries
Allowing my wants to become easier to be revealed
It took me awhile to pinpoint the roots of my headaches
And a bit longer to confront my denial to get rid of them
Clarifying for myself that having patience was not weakness

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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Good poem. To get what you want out Of life can be one of the hardest things in the world to do. Good write. may i invite You to read my new poem called, justice part 1.