UAS ( / Arbroath Angus, Scotland, UK)


The joy of Easter comes to us slowly,
Rousing us from winter's death and cold,
Causing our eyes to lift and notice
Budding trees and nodding snowdrops,
Bearing us on wind and shower
To the sunshine bursting
Through our souls. Can this age old story rouse us
From depths of trouble, pain and sorrow,
To realize the promise of a future
Born from Gethsemane, Calvary and tomb,
Unlikely sources of such overflowing love,
Selfless and shining like a shaft of light
Piercing our souls. Children, little heeding cross and shame,
Love the time of flowers and giving.
Know the happiness - so warming -
Of days of freedom, play and laughter
Unaware of deeper meanings,
They shout and cry, fight and strive,
Bless their souls. Bowing heads and closing eyes
May we, O Lord, give time and quiet
To think, in fellowship, of our Lord Jesus,
To pause and feel that power and strength
Of sacrifice that gives us hope
To turn our Easter day of prayer
And purge our souls.

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