MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

! ! Easter Saturday

Today is the day after;
after blackness, what?

yesterday, black present filled the mind;
today, not even light on blackness..

a day not on the calendar;
an empty diary entry;

faith smaller than a mustard seed;
hope an untilled field.

This is what a present with
no future feels like;

the mercy only
that there is a present;

among the closest, the rumour
of a promise so ethereal

it has no shape or form
to build into new faith, no hope;

not even waiting, when
there may be nothing for to wait;

a day out of time; wrap around you
the thin silk of love;

be still; surrender everything
and find a peace beyond all promises;

today, there is no tomorrow;
if you have hope, then hope;

if you have prayer, then pray and pray;
perhaps tomorrow’s born today.

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