Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday
Easter Sunday is the Christian celebration of the resurrection
of Jesus of Nazareth from his crucifiction on Good Friday.
If you are not a christian or even if you consider yourself to be one,
and do not place much belief as to whether or not this event actually
took place, but is symbolic in nature, have nothing to be apologetic for.
For those of you who do totally believe in this miracle, because your faith
says to that you do believe, I will not ever challenge. The more important
issue to me, go back two spaces, is Good Friday, as it is called. This day
has much more significance to me.
Jesus, no matter how you perceive his person to be, Son of God,
or King of the Jews, or a not so normal politician, performed a function,
that benefited all of mankind. Whether or not he absolved the sins of
man is up to the believers. What he provided mankind, is measurable and
unmeasurable at the same time. He was the pioneer of Human Rights.
His teachings caused the revolution of thought. His actions stirred the
thoughts of a yearning civilization to reach for higher goals. To bring
attention of the elitist of the world, that they will be held accountable for
their actions, somewhere, sometime. To give a hope to the struggling
peoples of this world. For this, I give thanks and will always look inside
my heart to find what is right.
There will be those of you who read this, that think I am a total idiot.
That I really have no knowledge of what I am speaking. I say to you
that you are probably right, but I welcome your thoughts on this,
and I feel that this is exactly what I am presenting to you, about the
significance of this entire weekend.

Happy Easter everyone, whatever your beliefs.

David Nelson aka Gomer Lepoet

by Gomer LePoet

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