DM (20/12/1988 / Colchester)

Easter Trilogy: 2: Easter Even

This day is dark and dismal, as our sorrows we bewail:
As we reflect upon our extinct Master's woeful tale:
We fail'd him in his life, even as we fail him in his death:
And shall we see his like again - Jesus of Nazareth?

He left us suff'ring yesterday, he left us here to mourn;
We know not what to think or do, of Jesus' aid forlorn;
We sit and we ask one another, 'What was it all for?
And shall the world remember him at all for evermore? '

Remember him, remember him, remember him, although
You suffer, you shall not forget that he suffer'd also -
That he was crucified for you, and he has made you free:
But what of that, you say, now God Himself has ceased to be?

The Lord has died - we all must die - just as we must be born:
How shall we e'er forget the baleful woes of yestermorn?
When all my sins vermilion were laid on Jesus' head,
To be made white, like this black day when God himself is dead!

(15th April,2006.)

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Langston Hughes


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