Its Been To Long

Three years has come and gone
Since the last time I saw you
I've been wondering where you've been
And who you've been with
I know we said our goodbyes
But I just can't get you off my mind
After we went our separate ways
I knew I just made the biggest mistake
By letting you walkout of my life
All the moments we shared
Lying out watching the sunset
This is moment I will never forget
I take out a shoe box from under my bed
In it are pictures of you and I
We were so happy but we had our time when we cried
One photo I found was when you and I went to Miami
I nearly cried but I cant help it
I miss you
Three years has come and gone
Its been to long since I've seen you
I wanna see you again I miss you

Written October 2006

by Heather Hill

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Mmmmm,Juss love the dictions
Mmmmm,Juss love the dictions
What a great poem! Jesus is love. He paid the supreme sacrifice.
'Love' is one of the precious jewels God has gifted us. The whole humankind is surviving even today with this universal value. There is happiness in giving rather than taking. Let us take inspiration to love each other grasping the depth of it.
Everything the Lord has done for love to prevail in the world has to be cherished indeed for humankind to survive, sustain and succeed in noble ventures! Nice message!
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