WAD (April 2,1982 / Riyadh K.S.A)

Eastwood City (My Last Words For You)

I have to do this alone
That is what you told me
Why? Why alone?
Wouldn’t it be better
If we did it together?

Why? Why alone?
Can’t I help you?
I want to, I want to be there for you.
Why won’t you let me?
Why are you pushing me away?

I think it’s for the best
That is what you told me
The best for who?
The best for you?
The best for me?

Why? Why the best?
Isn’t being together the best?
Since when is thinking
Alone for the both of us
The best?

I’m so sorry
That is what you told me
Why are you so sorry?
What is there to be sorry for?
You’re in pain, I’m here for you.

Why say sorry?
What are you saying?
What are you doing?

I’m so sorry
That is what you told me
I understand.
I know why you need to do this alone.
I know why it’s for the best.
I know why you are so sorry.

I understand….
I get the point…
You can leave me now…
But I need to know why….

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