Comrades Of My Nation

-Sutputra Radheye

Comrades of my nation
fight for your ration
hearken the tides of revolution
flowing in the golden sea

sooner or later it will arrive
when tyrant man will strive
to snatch your minimal rights
throwing you apart
faltering your Morales

life shall vanish from the land
as the grip of lust will clench
ripping apart the innocent naked buds
that were yet to be flowers
with their kind-less hands

man will be slaves of cruelty
with harness in their back
freedom and peace shall rust forever
with the soul's wrack...

by Sutputra Radheye

Comments (14)

aray deshi videshi logo bhagawan k naam se batao k ye kavita kahan se, kaise great poem bun gayi hai
Loved this great poem and enjoyed reading it.
Great poem indeed. A pleasure to read.
I don’t get the reference to the three worlds in the beginning of the third stanza, and things in the second stanza leave me wondering, but this poem has a breadth to it that appeals to me, as does the calling-out of people who deny, who cannot recognize, deity. -GK
A great poem indeed. Enjoyed each line of it. Thanks for sharing.
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