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The Black Family Pledge

BECAUSE we have forgotten our ancestors,
our children no longer give us honor.

BECAUSE we have lost the path our ancestors cleared
kneeling in perilous undergrowth,
our children cannot find their way.

BECAUSE we have banished the God of our ancestors,
our children cannot pray.

BECAUSE the old wails of our ancestors have faded beyond our hearing,
our children cannot hear us crying.

BECAUSE we have abandoned our wisdom of mothering and fathering,
our befuddled children give birth to children
they neither want nor understand.

BECAUSE we have forgotten how to love, the adversary is within our
gates, an holds us up to the mirror of the world shouting,
'Regard the loveless'

Therefore we pledge to bind ourselves to one another, to embrace our
lowliest, to keep company with our loneliest, to educate our illiterate,
to feed our starving, to clothe our ragged, to do all good things,
knowing that we are more than keepers of our brothers and sisters.

We ARE our brothers and sisters.

IN HONOR of those who toiled and implored God with golden tongues,
and in gratitude to the same God who brought us out of hopeless desolation, we make this pledge.

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it hurts so much since it hurt you...those feeling can only be evoked truely by experiencing heart goes out to you, Mary...but i am happy that your poems now are happy and down to has not killed you on the are indeed a very strong
A very sad tale Mary, but there is nothing anyone can do, it has to be up to the individual I'm afraid, and it depends on how strong they are. You've weathered it all very well. Keep courage with you. Love Ernestine XXX
Disease is sad........
Alcoholism does create relapses and tension in the family. The best bet is for the relatives of alcoholics to continue to take extra good care of themselves and to know they deserve a good life regardless of whether the alcoholic continues to drink or not. What an honest sharing of your poem in how alcoholism affects the child. Good work. Sincerely, Connie Webb