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Easy Slice

I miss my absent skin,
Physical and mental scarring
By an exposed rim.

Pain in riding a bike,
And in public changing -
Not how it should be like.

This subject is still taboo
But babies die through lack of knowledge
And some doctors don't have a clue.

Just because it still performs - at least in sight -
Doesn't mean what is done
Is right.

The slice has several reasons:
Infection, religion,
Cleanliness, parental whim -
But hush the post-op lesions.

Some minds the scalpel leads
A quick solution;
Be assured more than flesh bleeds.

It's much harder with my wife
Face the truth,
The slice has spoilt my life.

Who deemed the removal?
And just who
Sought my young approval?

As baby boys tied down scream
And wake me,
This is no ghastly dream.

What God has given for joy
As well as function,
Do not let the rash destroy.

Give me back my skin
(of course you can't) -
But give other boys a chance
And let them keep their covered rim.

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Comments (2)

...then there's your bitterness...happily overshadowed by your strength of character (I've just been re-reading your poem) . I had no idea male circumcision could be so damaging. I thought it was only us girlies who could be traumatised by this deed (no, I don't mean me, fortunately) . On this point, I recommend you to read Alice Walker's 'Possessing the Secret of Joy', if you're up for it. Anyway, strong, emotional poem. Regards, Gina.
You've done your brothers all over the world proud here, Mr Novotny. A forceful, well-argued, and highly visual write. Best, Gina.