Intelligent Conscience

Poem By Bernard F. Asuncion

Because the Lord has much to give
Creation’s in His hand
It can’t be hard in Christ to live
Until The Promised Land

For God consumes our doubts and fears
Through faith the truth is ours
He’ll surely take His servant’s tears
And give us awesome powers

But life in Christ’s no easy one
Whatever people say
Its not all smiles nor always fun
Walking the righteous way

Of course we’ve days where all is well
Where Satan’s put to flight
Avoiding that which leads to hell
Abiding in The Light

Some think such days should always be
We’re safe on Zion hill
From worldly cares we’re high and free
Eating of Christ our fill

We love it when it all goes fine
In Christ we think it should!
We eat the bread we drink the wine
Awaiting more that’s good

But when from Satan’s cup we sip
That tastes so sweet inside
From Christ life’s rope we lose our grip
We slip and often slide

Some slip until we finally fall
So few can stand the strain
Yet those who’ve truly heard The Call
Will stop and start again…

Comments about Intelligent Conscience

Wow this is a fantastic poem! They're such good rhymes... And it's such a great message. =)
Wow this is a fantastic poem! They're such good rhymes... And it's such a great message. =)

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