JG (15 September / Manila, Philippines)

Eaten By The Wave Of Disbelief

Your vision too narrow, clouded by doubt,
I see on your face, a frown and a pout,
Fearing the outcome, asssuming you know,
Taking control of the way things should go.

How pitiful you look as your thoughts swim beyond
allowable dephts where you'll still feel my hand,
Your fears and your worries are part of your system,
Your dreams can't be reached as you cling onto them.

Looking into my eyes you should be able to see,
all good intentions, profound sincerity,
But because your dark thoughts invade bright reality,
Truth is lost quickly, melts into obscurity.

Empty your mind, in dark thoughts do not wallow,
So you can follow the steps to a bright golden morrow,
Your control during therapy I'll momentarily borrow,
To free you from misery, lead you out of your sorrow.

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how thoughtful of you to write this. and what joy you must have sometimes in doing this.