Ebb And Flow Of The Channel

Dear Lord,
At times, I struggle within myself for finding words
In carrying on a conversation with You.
I need to speak with You today;
Nothing of urgency, but I have that desire
To converse with You today.

My heart is overjoyed,
They're no pains, no sorrows,
Only that need to converse with You;
But I find that the channel is stilled,
If as though it has been sealed;
Because, there are no access nor formulation
To expression of my thoughts.

You know what's in my heart
But why, and how can I not
Construct the words for
Telling You what I need to say?
Is this Your way of telling me,
"Be Still, and Know That I'm With You?"

I'm like a helpless bird perched on a ledge,
Whose wings have been clipped,
But it needs to fly, it needs to soar
As the things it was destined to do,
But finding there's no way of helping itself.

Today, I'm like that bird, I need to,
I need to speak with You, Dear Lord,
Instead, neither phrasing nor words
Will come to the fore;
So please, accept my tears as my way
Of conversing with You, Dear Lord,
Since You deemed it be
"Be Still, and Know That I'm with You, Always."

by Joan E. Gettry

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