JCV (18 may 1990 / Aba, Abia stae)

Ebezina Ifunanya: To Nkporo

I left you here,
I never wanted to,
But greener pasture must I seek.
Ebezina akwa ifunanya m, *
I will be coming back soon.

I've travelled down to the mountains,
Driving like a wanderer in the desert,
Home skipped me as I moved hopefully.
If there are things I shall say to you, it
Shall sound thou: Afurum gi na anya! **

Do not look at me as a heartened,
I did it for love; our love.
We both have a blood that speak in us,
Leaving the shore of your land is
Never to be said to another ear.

Your eyes I remembered,
Shiny like the stars
Brave and elegant!
Shield in the heart of the gods.

Tomorrow shall I return to the eastern zone where thousands shall accompany you to the sky where you are made to stay and merry.

Saturday is the last flash of your teeth,
Sunday is the mirror of your skin,
The wrapper knotted on your waist
Is the brevity of the mother that I know.

When the food is shared,
When the home is no longer safe for your kind,
Come leave my heart; a home prepared for you.
The food of your heart remind me of Abba where
That great woman dwells with her art.
The call of your name shall be testimony to all.

Nnem amaka***
Shall I tell many I may meet on my way,
If there is any covering around your face;
The covering that tells your ears evil thought,
If there is home greater than you, I won't leave you, Nkporo; the embodiment of beauty.

I know you've been crying, I understand,
I know you've been weeping, but it ok.
I know you've been wounded, but your wound shall
I heal when I return home with the silver and gold.

Tell all runners of accusation finger that I have not
Abandoned my mother to the moth to feast on, no!
I only left her in the pleasant of my blissful eyes.
Tell all accusation fingers that I shall come back soon.

*Ebezina ifunanya- weep not love
**Afurum gi na anya- I love you.
***Nnem amaka- my mother is beautiful.

(C) John Chizoba Vincent
Voice Of Vincent 2016

by john chizoba vincent

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