Ebola You Are Too Bitter.

You have became a world epidemic,
There is no kisses no hugs in certain clinic,
Have send fear in the world and panic,
Killing people without considering basic.

Your brutality comes as kind of magic,
Punishing human race with hot stoic,
Decorating the earth with graves mosaic,
I am writing this with much tears on tic.

Have mercy on our brothers and sisters chic,
West Africa is on pain and suffering havoc,
Ebola please set our neighbours out of nostalgic,
We are tired of your deadly records on plastic.

Enough is enough we agree you are realistic,
Everyone knows you never chose linguistic,
Your deeds unto us human being is to barbaric,
What we ask is you let us go not die on traffic.

by Changez Ndzai

Comments (3)

Wow Changez... such a nice piece for the worst epidemic... If only Ebola could read your rhymes...
Wow... a very nice piece for a very bad disease... if only Ebola could hear your rhymes...
changez that's a good writting, I love it, have a look at this poem I am Ebola too.lastly try to edit this line on barbaric, it has a typing error. thank you