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Ebony Night
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Ebony Night

On one brumous, ebony night,
(though still dusted by stars and graced by the moon)
one sees a skilled violinist at first sight:
a seal point Birman playing an enigmatic, pensive tune
with her cloudy-blue eyes glimmering like a mermaid lagoon.
This tune entranced a carmine calf to take dreamy flight
and leap over the sphere of crystallized milk, then swoon.
This rare spectacle gave the Papillon a fit of delight
but to the silver teaspoon and salver it gave quite a fright.
So the dainty dinnerware scampered under a mushroom.
Then, before the morn pierced through with effulgent light,
they continued on till half past noon
but gladly returned to their dearest friends not at all too soon.

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