AH ( / England)


There lived a man up on a hill
The locals did not bid him ill
But playground whispers of this one
Who kept his offspring in the sun
In jars of luminous liquid filled
And so the rumours they did spill
Of mysterious happenings, eerie sights
The house that glowed in dead of night
That circles appear in his back yard
Such stories and more were often heard
When ladies met in the salon
And children sung the alien song

Just an eccentric
Up on a hill
His vision was his happy pill
Fed the minds that longed to dream
The stories that they craved to see
An explorer of his own dark mind
Recognition he longed to find
With imagined tales and scary mask
What filled his day was a task
Spaceships, aliens and other toys
Often that are made for boys
Creatures from another land
In many toy shop he would stand
Collect the best that he can
To feed the rumour of the Alien Man

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Thanks for this beautiful poem shared and congrats Alc for being picked members POD.
Dear Alc, congratulations on your poem of the day.. James McLain
A great poem of this man. No one really new him yet the hole town gossiped. Thank You
Up on a hill! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
So beautifully crafted, a nice poem. congratulations for being picked POD.
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