Ecclesiastes Of A Youth: Part 3


Many things apart from God’s I tried;
Many things of foolishness I did
Just to let my sorrows be denied
And gain pleasures I thought I need.

But those gave me nothing but guilt,
Left me nothing except brokenness!
They were houses that on sand were built
Pillars standing on ground so useless!

Now I’m left behind by my siblings
And I’m still stranded on the same ground;
I am left here, still on my own strings
Left alone and, by those strings, still bound!

What face will I show to the Father?
What life will I give account to Him?
Will I tell Him I’m a vain dreamer?
Will I tell Him ‘bout my life so dim?

For I am guilty of the Son’s blood,
So unworthy of His righteous call;
Shameful of the sacrifice of God,
Undeserving to join His people!

by Yehoshua Shim'onai

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