Ecclesiastes Of A Youth: Part 4


With Solomon, I’m not dissim’lar
For forsaking the Lord for pleasure;
From Jedidiah, my mind’s not so far
For forgetting Yahweh for leisure’s!

I’m not unlike the Samaritans
For compromising with ungodly;
Of Samaria I bear resemblance
For violating my purity!

I am not different from Peter
For denying Christ before this crowd;
From Barjonas I do not differ
For being of Christ, I am not proud!

I don’t differ from the disciples
For deserting Christ in His sorrow;
Just like them, fear, to me still cripples –
To His cross, I’m averse to follow!

From Pilate, I am not different
For not standing for Christ’s holy name;
Of blood, I, too, am not innocent
For not being firm for the Lord’s fame!

So to the Son of God I cried out,

“I’m unworthy to be Your servant!
I’m too sinful for Your holy call!
I am a failure you do not want;
A weak whose faith in you always falls! ”

by Yehoshua Shim'onai

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