Ecclesiastes Of A Youth: Part 6


Now God replied to me and He said,

“My child whom I loved, you’re my treasure
And yes, you’re the apple of my eye!
For o’er all, you’re the one I cared for;
For who has called you “Mine”? It is I! ”

“For all creations, I‘d made for you
And all you see, I made for your needs;
And I’ve made for you things that are new;
I’ve done them, for my love never fades!

“Who has, with His Word, created all,
And with His bare hands, made you from clay?
Who has hurled Lucifer into fall
But exempted you from the Vile Day? ”

“Who’s loved you for none but who you are?
Who has forgiven you with gladness?
Who’d left His throne and had gone so far
And sought for you with lovingkindness”

“It is I who overlooked your shame
And with love, to you is watchful,
Who never despised you, being lame
But poured you with love, ‘til your heart’s full! ”

“For behold all your sins I have cleansed
And from the dross, you are purified;
All your guilt I have already quenched
And with my blood, you are justified! ”

“So come to me – I’ll be beside you!
Call unto me and I’ll hear your prayer!
‘Cause for what I am, I have loved you;
I am love, who’ll love you forever! ”

by Yehoshua Shim'onai

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