Ecclesiastes Of A Youth: Part 8


And now wisdom from God I have gained,
A wisdom He, the Lord, has taught me:
Why should look in all my past’s pains
When now in Christ’s my identity?

Why should I transform myself in vain
When it’s only God that can change me?
Why in my own weak flesh should I lean
When it’s God alone that works in me?

For He is the Maker of all things
And the Worker of my life’s changes;
He’s the Conqueror of many kings
Who has conquered all my weaknesses!

Now my faith is in the Lord alone
For He is my strength and my fortress;
My trust’s now what the Great I AM owns
For He is the Lord o’er my weakness!

Now who am I, in God I have found
And in Him is my identity!
In my heart He knows what’s going ‘round
For the Great Maker’s living in me!

And now I learned that for Christ’s living
For He’s the only meaning of life;
Christ is all as our life is nothing
And living in Him is better than life!

by Yehoshua Shim'onai

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