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Echioma, My Precious Queen
EK (29-09-1996 / Imo State.)

Echioma, My Precious Queen

The laugh that laughed in my womb
My hope
My pride's custodian

Echim, if given the whole years to adorn you
I will start with your skin
I will adorn it with Africa

Africa, the symbol of strength
The strength that cultivated the soil
Oh! Africa, the jewel of joy

If given centuries to appraise you
I will begin with your eyes
The light that emits beauty

Ten centuries will I give it
Ay! Your nose
The pipe that proclaims your heritage

A broadcaster of peace
Ten years more shall never soothe it
I will make it an idle

Aww! Tomb me in that happy mouth of yours
For there shall all the centuries lie
In there is Africa's purity built

Echim, your lips are the righteous castle
The most faithful fellow
For them, I borrow more centuries

Take me to your heart
The chamber of Africa
For there shall centuries count no more

*Echioma- - an Igbo name which means a good future/tomorrow
*Echim- - my tomorrow

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