KM (14 January 1989 / LaSalle Ontario)

Echo Echo Echo Echo

my mind is plagued
by the stupid things
long ago that used
to make me smile
by the pound of
your heart's the same

I return to
to focus on Chris' voice
and remembering
the brush of his skin
from my dreams
...but I only hear
the vague
yet striking resemblance

it's sick to say
but I don't even mind
if I'm used
if your heart
bounces off the ground
and hits me
suddenly without warning

that's all I need
something so random

...but though I try
I cannot
trick myself into
this is only lust


this is unrequited
of the worst
most desperate
most treacherous kind.

(do I detect a
to the tattered
poems of these

of course -
you held me
so long
without knowing
I lie
but nothing changes

my heart is
for the breaking.
please don't disappoint me.

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Comments (2)

I tell ya kim you have a unique way of twisting words. Your poems seem to all be free verse mantra poems. A mantra poem is a type of writing that focuses on the same stanza or phrase. All in all, good poem
coolzies poem. i like your style. i dont do much rhyming either. it seems we have some similarites..just read your bio. i also like to write, sing, and play the piano. if you ever have a free moment you can read some of my poems..rate and comment if you have time..just something to think about, (ah who am i kidding. please, please read and comment on my poems i am really desperate for constructive critisism! ! ! ! ! !)