KD (13-08-1986 / india)


I stood in within the valley,
Where the mountains kissed the sky;
With a trembling voice I released a mournful cry –
“You are not being fair”
And suddenly I hear –
A voice echoing back to me,
Every word I had said.

Again I spoke in angry tone,
“You mock the words I say? ”
The words returned back to me,
With a tone of gloomy dismay.

“Who the hell do you think you are? ”
I screamed into the sun,
The voice returned back,
Each word one by one.

With frustration on my nerve,
I stamped my feet in vain,
“I am lonely here without you.”
“I am tired of all the pain.”
The voice mirrored,
The words which I said.

I threw myself upon the ground,
And kicked my angry feet,
“Why can’t you just be here with me? ”
“So that I can feel complete? ”
Those words left ringing in my ears,
Identical feelings returned to me causing ravaged tears.

Then something moved inside me,
A voice from deep within,
Told me what I need to do,
Again to be with you.

I stood up on my shaking feet,
With my arms stretched out to the sky,
And screamed –
“You are the only one I love.”
And received the same reply from above.

Then slowly that voice began to speak,
“You are strong; you can’t be so weak, ”
“And within these echoes,
Are the words you need the most.”

“Your life is only a reflection of your words, your deeds & your actions.”
If you want the ultimate love,
Which heals a heart that bleeds.
Then come to me with your very soul,
In the silence of world.
Let me become your very part.
Then you will find those flowers blooming that had dried,
Hold your love the most sacred,
And I will dry the tears you have cried..

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Wonderfully written with in-depth sentiments about human emotions! Thank you for sharing!
Great work Krishna! ! A great truth expressed in a lovely way. Sincerely, Amrita