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Quickly, my love!
Let us run north to our cabin in the snowy mountains!
You can chop firewood and I can bake bread!
I will wear striped knee socks and wear my hair down all the time!
We won't have to say goodbye again!
And our laughter will echo through the pines and valleys.

And at night, when the moon is full
We can listen to the crackling and popping of the campfire!
Like little children with crushes on one another;
You can sit next to me and hold my hand!
And I can smile at you and try not to giggle.
And you will ask if you can kiss me!
And I will say, 'You had better! '
Our whipsered words of passion will echo through the pines and valleys
The moon will blush watching us, you know.

And when I am sleepy and chilled from the night air
And the fire has quieted itself,
I will stand and reach for your hand.
Beckoning you to follow me.
And you will.
Our sighs of contentment will echo through the pines and valleys.
And the moon will smile upon us as we lie
Entangled and satiated.
And you can watch me as I fall asleep, my eyes heavy with a glow only you can give.
And you will smile.
And we will never have to say goodbye again.

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nice poem very warm and content thank you