(22 July 1849 – 19 November 1887 / New York City / United States)


Late-born and woman-souled I dare not hope,
The freshness of the elder lays, the might
Of manly, modern passion shall alight
Upon my Muse's lips, nor may I cope
(Who veiled and screened by womanhood must grope)
With the world's strong-armed warriors and recite
The dangers, wounds, and triumphs of the fight;
Twanging the full-stringed lyre through all its scope.
But if thou ever in some lake-floored cave
O'erbrowed by rocks, a wild voice wooed and heard,
Answering at once from heaven and earth and wave,
Lending elf-music to thy harshest word,
Misprize thou not these echoes that belong
To one in love with solitude and song.

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Thanks for sharing........
the echos that belong to one in love with solitude and song. Beautiful and lovely expression. Thanks for sharing it here.
a thoughtful write with hope?
Modern passion. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
Echoes is a very nice poem, meaningful and full of wisdom
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