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Oh my God! I would have been
The happiest of all!
If I embedded with ignorance,
Blindness, deaf and dumb tall
A worst and worthless suffer
And Duffer rolling ball.

Echoes in my ears,
Resembling like devils prayers,
Echoes of bloodshed repeat,
And nothing more;
Human being painting each
Other with gore,
Oh! God! Always echo bloodshed
In my ears
Mad and deaf, still I listen and hear
Echoes of killing and dying
Loss of sublime human feeling
Hard to survive and to take breath-
Merciless and brutal hours of wretch
Where is now compassionate?
True relationship of ours;
Feeling of selfishness
And hatred occurs and mocker!
Indeed endangered our times by
Crooked swindle
Oh! Love and compassion
From paradise be our saviors
Everyone pretend as the peace lovers
Peace and peace slogans murmur-
Oh! Bloodshed always continues
And appears.
Day hardly pass
Whispers sad news in ears
Echoes vibrant in imagination
Of all screaming noise,
I turn mad, deaf, blind and duffer
And cannot think and hear
Oh my God! Echoes of all bloodshed,
And nothing dear.

by Tsewang Dorjee

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Oh God! No mas! No mas!