Echoes In My Head

Thoughts echoing through my brain.
Imprisoned with no where to go,
no one to tell. Caught in a silent hell.

All alone as I meditate on the echoes in my head,
in my solitude, contemplating desires that have
gone unsaid.

Shadows of thoughts and dreams that never fade,
they flicker like the perpetual flame on a heroes grave.
Living in the background of my mind,
fanned by my hopes and aspirations.
Constantly fed with inspiration.

They’re like sunken treasures you dig deeply
to discover, When they finally surface, you’ve
found a long lost lover. Special thoughts that
linger to excite your senses, unpleasant memories
persist and strengthen your defenses.

So don’t patronize, don’t criticize or be surprised
when I verbalize my deepest thoughts,
my most intimate feelings,
baring my soul, exposing, revealing.

by Cassandra Boyd

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