The Lonely Beach

Oh, how I missed you, Lonely Beach,
Where I have left my soul,
The rugged rocks surround me,
I sit there, lost, alone.

Before me is the ocean,
The stormy Irish Sea,
It comes to me, I’m part of you,
And know, you’re part of me.

You send a wave to kiss my feet,
And then you back away,
You tantalise, you hypnotise,
You hold me, make me sway.

I grip the rock to steady me,
Lest I fall in too deep,
I’m lost in love for you now,
The way back now, so steep.

Another wave comes crashing,
Bestows a gentle kiss,
And now I get to taste you,
You linger on my lips.

I’m filled now with a passion,
For you, I can’t ignore,
I’m satisfied, contented,
And leave you on the shore.

by Linda Harnett

Comments (2)

Great structure, I'd never have thought of that. Liked the subject matter too. Very enjoyable. HUgs Anna xxx
An unusual construction, I like it!