Echoes Of Him

First-born, at the end of the 19th century to a Family that—
would eventually number, NINE; He was aware by the time he
reached the Age of Reason that Wants were luxuries and;
Necessities—emotionally and materially—often times,
Unfulfillment during his formative years resulted in his
Maintaining a life-long Sense of Commitment to Family—
to what a Family could be—beyond the process of day-to-day
survival. Private hungers were finally sated at age 33 when a
communion was entered into that would last through the remaining
42 years with us.
This communion created a Haven and a Home based on Love and
Desire for HIS OWN FAMILY that would eventually number; NINE!
MEMORIES, of all that he was and gave remains—once brilliant;
now somewhat subdued, echo in our ears and hearts.
ECHOES OF HIM, a little softer sometimes—but echoes still—
ECHOES of what his Strength and Spirit built; FAMILY!

by Lisa P. Files

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