Echoes Rediscovered

Poem By Hasan Haskovic

The Sun may shine
The wind may blow
But nothing under the blue sky is mine
And everything I ever did was for show
To prove allegories about burned men
Rain upon their graves
The tears of the earth

How can anyone know
What will the path be like
From your mothers womb
To a cold, muddy tomb
Savoring forgotten loneliness

The philospophy of life has eluded me
Just like thunder underwater longing to be free
But nothing can never change
Elementary chaos unites the strange
And death and loss is all we get
All that we get in exchange
Just one of the basic doubts
That followed catacylsmic shouts

Antiquated dogmas
The whips of slavers
Shambling in a desparate vortex
Marched ahead as the screams turned into sonatas
So man could enjoy hatred
In all of it flavors

That night I think the sky turned red
And wildlife turned as bloody stains on the sky
Will we not end up the same?
Interrogate the leaves
Blame the wind
But we ourselves are the architects
Of our evil, of mankind

Still pushing ahead of the automatic accusations
Climbing the railings
On which I sat when I was sad
The waves and the wind, they call me
So in perfect unison we allign
My reflection was all blurry
As the smell of impalied memories
Filled the wind with an ocean of doubt
Seeking the fragment of a lost girl

'I can't take it anymore
Nothing's the way it should've been
I've made a mess of everything'
His words were undaunted, as he looked down the edge
'I will no longer be mislead
I'm better off dead'

The waves claimed him
And no one cried
Because today a fellow soul died
Because of the way we made the world
Everything, everything we see is absurd

Close your eyes, and don't see
Don't accept it as your fate
Lies will set us free
And don't speak
Confessions make work for idle hands
Time for some progressive stands

'All I hear is the crows, mother
So sing me a lullaby
I don't want to suffer, not like them
But to rediscover happinnes and joy
A superstructure that will not destroy
Whatever's left...'

So the blind child spoke to the dead mother
As her body rocked on a string
She couldn't help her
Even if she tried everything

We'd be lost
Without a cause
So salute your death
Cease, repent
And make a pause

Comments about Echoes Rediscovered sad the guy committed suicide.....and even more sad the blind child is speaking to the dead mother....but all is not hopeless.....we must have faith for a brighter future .....this line needs some work....~ But to redisvocer hapinnes and joy ~

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