Echoes Through A Cave

The echo had a depth to it that sent my pulses racing
The cave and all its occupants not known to me
The deep unwelcome darkness shouted out to me
“Come see my secrets, hiding in this encasement”

The darkness held an interest that was unmistakable
Calling out for more investigation
And so I braved the widening gap and couldn’t fake my interest
The tension causing quite a damp sensation

My stride a little slow at first, my torchlight shining brightly
Casting shadows on the wall in black
The deafening noise of silence took my breath away
Engaging worries, knowing I’m not turning back

The smell of Guano from the deep cave residents
Catching at the throat and nostrils too
And catching light of a trillion eyes in torchlight beams
Gave a sense of horror to the route

And yet the distance traveled seemed to capture me
And draw me to the core where beauty waited
A thousand stalactites like glistening jewels there
Shining through and leaving me elated

by Phil Soar

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