Poem By jay algernon

Gray black somber days
Where warmth decays and the cold looms
In alley ways and often filled rooms
Cracking, breaking, shattering, falling
Amidst the feast hall there is
An observer.

Light scatters and floats away
Whisked away far away
To an island in the pacific
Until the thunder cracks
And breaks the silence.

Summer’s eve shall spring forth growth
Shall drench the earth with her son’s rays
And when the sun has spawned a new day
One sees it must always have a shadow

Beware the impostor that lurks
Beware the mind playing its games
For you shall see it shall make you…..

Dimmed lights can lull your eyes
And upon closing your eyes
You awake, awakened by mere thoughts
Of life before, no

It is walking upon this path
Walking upon this path
Surrounded by masks
And when you shall sleep they will come
To take you away until your mind is undone

Be awake be alive
You never know when he will come
But it is late now
The day has made me tired
The days have made me tired

I am a desert wanderer
Yes, a desert wanderer
And when the water touches my lips
Happiness shall invade my mind

Night entrances throughout
It shall break until there is no will

Reasons why appear
Reappear, disappear
But they will always be there
Waiting until sanity cracks

It is always there waiting to return saying
“I have come for his head! ”
And so in darkness
Waiting as well
Shedding the sane part of my head.

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