I for one think it quite queer
That in the swift swish of a hummingbird's wings
There is time a-plenty for the gargantuan events
Which will transform the paths of the rivers of time

The rivers once passed each other in the shape of the cross
And on that cross hung the prince of the dawn
Forced there by the nails of the piercing convictions
Of his people who just as readily drink
The crimson sunrise from his veins
As switch from bowing palm leaves to punishing black whips

On that hideously beautiful day
The sun and the moon waged a war
Two opposing warriors ready to finish the battle
Over which side will claim this polluted wasteland
We like to call dear mother earth

The moon's glowing sword does strike
The sun a blinding blow
She blocks his light of truth
As the shadows dance
And darkness claims his throne

However, in a moment- or was it three?
The deathly black boulder rolls away
And the illuminating light of the sun
Seeps over the earth and fills men's hearts
Though even now every man still castes a shadow

Thunder pulses through the ground
Shattering the veil over our eyes in two
The foundations of truth and knowledge alike
Are divided, translated and turned upside down
In three swift swishes of a hummingbird's wings

by Laura Greene

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well expressed indeed........10
I absolutely loved it, Laura, especially the last paragraph. Just an eclipse, but when described in such words, it's like something amazing, even magical.