Your Eyes

No one has ever found
A heaven on this earth
Or no one has ever searched
The right place
Look into your own eyes
And you would find the divine
Your soul has been gifted
With the colors of love
And most importantly an eye to seek them
Reflect this world on your eyes
You will find this world inside you
But this world will also find you in it
When the breeze will be slow
Sky will melt down
Candles will stop blooming light
Sun and moon would just be a dream
Your eyes will help you
To follow and to chase the heavenly
Then you would realize
There is no existence of religion
But the real religion lies in your eyes
In how you seek other creatures.

by kabeer katariya

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As the green alder shoots in early Spring. Come, let us rise: the shade is wont to be Baneful to singers; baneful is the shade Cast by the juniper, crops sicken too In shade. Now homeward, having fed your fill- Eve's star is rising-go, my she-goats, go A classic by Virgil
Well expressive. Beautiful poem
This is Virgil, folks. What's going on? I'm not a big classicist, but really, with 106 votes this is rated at 1.1? ? ! ? For the music of the verses alone (all respect to the translator) this deserves, at a minimum, double that. Just the technical side of this is gorgeous. Add on the narrative of Virgil wresting away from the Greeks the whole domain of the home of song and certainly poetic melody and this is a tour de force. Don¨t let the difficult names and obscure references scare you, a limitless reference source is at your fingertips - use it! This is one of the timeless and enduring founts of great poetry. Get inspired.
Love recks not aught of it: his heart no more With tears is sated than with streams the grass, Bees with the cytisus, or goats with leaves.' 'Yet will ye sing, Arcadians, of my woes Upon your mountains Nicely penned. Thanks for sharing it.. 10
Our own eyes beheld! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.