Poem By Michael Shepherd

'Trees need their alone time too' I read it just now
in a poem by Bob Hicok and just like that
the world expanded thoughtfully and gloriously
and I imagined the whole of nature
giving a great sigh of relief
like a dog does when it lies down for the night
and a great sigh goes from the tips of its paws
to its ears or of course it might be the other way around
and trees with that sigh get on with their nightly cleansing routine
and expel all the stuff that mankind has made them put up with
in the world that we 'share' ha ha
and then think about the poor trees in the park and the streets
who've been passive smokers all day not to mention
gas-guzzlers without the accompanying four wheels
to enable them to getoutahere into the countryside for the weekend
to **** that up too yes I'm sorry trees although I must say
you do a good job of it and with silent patience
and don't write complaining to the newpapers in a mass protest
which is just as well as those papers need more trees
so I was just almost feeling complacent that Nature
seems to be well just about keeping the whole thing
on the rails until I looked up at the tops of the tallest trees
and saw the tops dying off
and wanted right then to know if prayer would help
because what else will

and thank you Bob and I guess poetry too
for half a line that brought me to the world
and a laugh then tears.

Comments about Eco-Logical

It takes a mind to appreciate a poem like this - a mind like yours, I dare say!
Beautifully done, Michael. I especially love your description of the dog laying down for the night.
His Homeynence agrees Let us serve the trees Blowing in the breeze Where the answer bees
Michael, I came across a statistic that we share 33% of our genes with flowers.. it draws a beautiful connection between everything for me, smile. Sx
Apologising to the trees for the sins of others. Very powerful, Michael. And thanks for introducing me to Bob Hicok. Just read 'The Maple.' What a talent!

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