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Ukpana Ukpoko Gburu, Nti Chiri Ya

Dead tired from the heat of summer and hungry from the days labor
Had I closed early today, I wouldn’t be wandering the streets
The street is quiet as a grave, not a life in sight
Fireflies ahead headed north
The crickets sing along and scary little bunnies hop the other way
I head on south to find food and still not a life in sight
Slight thump and I freeze under the sycamore tree
Clutch my purse tight I did
Look left, look right what was that?
Ever slight breeze out from the south
The branches on the sycamore trees are pointing the other way
Around the corner oddly enough stark raving mad dogs in my face
Had I read the writing on the wall, I would have gone the other way

Ukpana Ukpoko Gburu, Nti Chiri Ya (A Grasshopper That Was Killed By A Train Must Have Been Deaf)

by David Beckham

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