LO (08/13/1945 / UTAH)


Behold the depth of unknown bliss
Awakened by a lover's kiss -
Sweet ecstasy unbound!
So tender, yet so passionate
Never shall the heart forget
Contentment once it's found;
Complete surrender - let it flow
Beyond the mind and all you know
Let heaven touch the ground,
And all the mysteries in between
That until now remained unseen
Shall bring the circle 'round,
For love must touch another heart
In order for the dream to start -
Entrust your soul to me.

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Comments (7)

love do exist by the bliss passion when intense by the mystery the ecstasy seems to flow by the gleams that whispers the language of love...................yet with unique imagery when lucid of unique genere, smooching, well penned,10/10, thanks for sharing
Another fine example of your poetic skills. An unusual and effective rhyming system allied to a matching rhythm. And the message is compellingly delivered. A real pleasure to read these Linda. I'm running out of poems by the way. Will there be a delivery soon? Best to you, xxx jim
Very trim and lyric at the same same. Not a word is wasted.
Nice Linda loved this one good rhyme schemes and lovely ending very good! ! Séamus
Linda, This one resonates with me. The love is within, but the 'other' enables it to sing! I do admire your use of traditional verse structures and the creative jewels you mine using such discipline. love, Allie XX
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